Investment Freedom and Tax-Efficient Investment

There are two versions of FitVoorLater: You can build up capital in either variant by investing in funds. You can also have a combination of both accounts.

Investment Freedom (Vrij Beleggen)
This is for everybody who wants to build up a supplementary pension. You decide yourself how much and when to pay in, and you can also withdraw your investment again at any time. You can choose from 16 investment funds, which are equities funds, bond funds or mixed funds that have been specially designed to make it easy for you to build up a pension.

Tax-Efficient Investment (Fiscaal Beleggen)
Do you have a relevant income that exceeds €128,810 (situation as at 2023)? Then you may be able to benefit from the tax advantages available. However, you will need to fulfil certain statutory criteria. For example, your investment and returns will be blocked until you are old enough to be entitled to a Dutch state pension (the AOW). Whats more, the level of investment permitted depends on your income.
For the full terms and conditions for Tax-Efficient Investment, click here.

Your investment needs and wishes

Whether you opt for Tax-Efficient Investment or Investment Freedom, you now have various options open to you.

Convenience Funds (Gemaksfondsen)
Many investors need an easy yet complete solution, namely a well-diversified portfolio at low cost that suits their personal situation. Our solution for this need are the five Convenience Funds.
In these funds, equities and bonds are combined in various different proportions. This means that each fund maintains its own relationship between risk and return. You then simply choose the fund that suits you.
Our fund managers monitor the investments for you and search for those investments that best fit your chosen strategy.

Strategic Funds (Strategiefondsen)
Want more variation in your investment portfolio? Of course you can have this too. In this case, FitVoorLater offers you a range of Strategic Funds to invest in. These are funds that invest in certain categories of equities and bonds, such as global equities, sustainable equities or bonds from emerging countries. You yourself choose which funds to have in your portfolio.

Money Market Fund (Geldmarktfonds)
Would you like to run less risk in the short term, for instance because you are close to retirement? Then FitVoorLater also allows you to choose a Money Market Fund option. But remember: the current low interest rate levels mean that the returns earned by money market funds are low too.

For more detailed information, you can download the brochure.

View this animation to decide whether investing is right for you.

The FitVoorLater investment proposition

  1. A selection of FitVoorLater funds
    • Our Convenience Funds: five mixed funds with different risk profiles
    • Our Strategic Funds: equities funds and bond funds that focus on dividend
    • A single Money Market Fund: short-term loans
  2. Flexibility:
    • You can invest monthly or in a single lump sum
    • You can build up or reduce your investment free of charge whenever you want (FitVoorLater - Investment Freedom option)
    • View full details of your investment(s) online at any time